Hepatoprotective Drugs

Hepatoprotective Drugs

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Hepatoprotective Drugs or drugs that protect the liver are used for a wide range of treatments such as for liver cirrhosis and in cases of liver damage from chronic alcoholism. The highly effective hepatoprotective medicines we offer in the form of tablets, capsules and syrups have become a basis for treatment of a wide range of diseases and are also used as tonics and supplements. Our Livo-M syrup and capsules are also used as a preventive measure in order to reduce liver toxicity levels.

Hepatoprotective Drugs - Tablets, Capsules & Syrup

LIVO-M Syrup and Capsules

  • Chemical Name -  Hepatoprotective
  • Applications - For Liver Health.

Available in Following Forms:

  • Hepatoprotective Tablets, Hepatoprotective Syrup, Hepatoprotective Capsules, Liver Tonic, Liver Supplement.